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Dirt on Perth

In the Perth Basin there is 10kms of sediment and sedimentary rock before you hit bedrock.


Welcome to UTS soiltec

Consultants to the Civil, Housing and Construction Industries.

Thank you for visiting us at UTS Soiltec.  We are a family based, Western Australian company who has been operating for over 25 years.  With geotechnical staff experience of over 60 years, you can be comfortable that your geotechnical needs are attended to, no matter where in Western Australia you may be.

We run a fast, friendly, and effective service that is trusted by many organisations large and small.

UTS services include

  • Sand Compaction Certificates using the Perth Sand Penetrometer for housing and commercial sites with our standard test to 1.35 metres
  • Perth Sand Penetrometer to 2.7 metres
  • Geotechnical Reports
  • Site classifications in accordance with AS 2870-2011
  • Field Permeability
  • Material selection
  • Enquiries for other services welcome.



Sand Compaction Certificates

Using the Perth Sand Penetrometer for housing and commercial sites with our standard test to 1.35 metres and deep test to 2.7 metres.



Site Classifications

Residential, commercial or industrial, our site classifications are performed in accordance with AS 2870-2011 and meet all council requirements:

• New and existing building lots

• House extensions

• Rear lot subdivisions

• Granny flats.


Our clients include architects, builders, consulting engineers, developers, earthworks contractors and government authorities to perform site classifications for:

• Building extensions

• Single and multi-unit developments

• Subdivisions.



Why a soil test?

Incorrectly classifying a site can incur unnecessary expense.  You will need to have the soil on the site tested to understand how reactive the soil is, and so your structural engineer can design your concrete slab/footings accordingly.



Our laboratory services include

• Laboratory testing to establish potential expansiveness

• Clay content finer than 2 microns

• Plasticity Index and shrinkage

• Gradings.




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